Sickle blades

Crescent blades

VERSELL GmbH as an official representative of F-B-S Balke offers all kinds of slicer blades of the high quality produced since almost 60 years in Solingen, Germany, where they know how to produce good blades. These are: band slicer blades, reciprocating blades, circular blades and sickle blades. Patented technology, strong quality control and sophisticated production equipment have strengthen a good reputation of F-B-S bread slicer blades in the world.

We deliver bread slicer blades of standard and customized specification for REGO HERLITZIUS, WABÄMA, JAC, DAUB, DELTA, IBONHART, MAHO, VLB, JEREMY, HERISTAL, KALMEYER, ABO, BERKEL, GASPARIN, OLIVER, UNIMAC, DUMBRILL, CLEWE and almost all other bread slicing machines.

Beyond these standard specifications we offer also customized solutions for every need. For receiving our offer for not listed specifications please send us a detailed enquiry stating:
required length required width required thickness name of your bread slicers and other parameters you wish to be considered.