Maximat AS

Maximat – the spiral kneader for permanently satisfied customers

Pastries of high artisanal quality and consistently good taste


… has long been a question of the right technology. Our answer is the MAXIMAT spiral kneader. The large curved stainless steel spiral has a very special square profile, which is precisely adapted to the boiler wall and offers you important advantages: The raw materials are broken down perfectly and the dough is less squeezed between the spiral and the boiler. With the MAXIMAT kneading technology, you can optimally knead all types of dough, from the smallest to the largest amount.

Technical specifications

Machine typeAS 120 EAS 160 E
Size in mm  
Bowl size [litres]184270
Kneading capacity in kg of dough120160
Kneading capacity in kg of flour75100
Net weight [approx. kg]725750
Connected load [kW]3,5 / 8,63,5 / 8,6
Fusing [A]3232


Further advantages of the MAXIMAT spiral kneader

  • Time savings
    The duration of the mixing and kneading as well as the direction of rotation of the bowl and the switch-off temperature can be easily set in advance with the spiral kneader from Eberhardt.
    As a result, no valuable working time is lost through control measures.
  • Consistently high quality
    The permanent dough temperature monitoring ensures that the quality of the dough is kept at a consistently high level – with absolutely no fluctuations, just as the consumer would like.
  • Plus point dough removal
    The high bowl position of the MAXIMAT spiral kneader and the large opening of the cover make it easier to remove the dough. And if you turn the bowl in both directions while the square spiral is stationary, dough lying at the back can also be easily transported out.
  • Several sizes to choose
    from MAXIMAT spiral kneaders are available for 40 to 160 kg of dough. The respective minimum amount of dough is about 5% of the maximum amount of dough.