Eberhardt OPTIMAT S

Eberhardt OPTIMAT S

Fully automatic dough dividing and rounding machine

The gentle alternative among the dough dividing and rounding machines.
Customers appreciate it when they can feel that their favorite pastries have been made with great care. The OPTIMAT S is therefore one of the dough dividing and rounding machines that handle the dough particularly gently, even sensitively.

And what does the bakery appreciate? If he has one of the most modern machines that saves him valuable time and can process all types of dough without any problems.
The OPTIMAT S brilliantly meets these requirements for dough dividing and rounding machines because the latest findings from bakery technology have been incorporated into its development.

SizeDivisionTotal dough insert [g]Unit weight [g]
330900 – 280030 – 93
4301200 – 400040 – 135
  • Twice as fast. Compared to semi-automatic dough dividing and rounding machines, the fully automatic OPTIMAT S requires 50% less time for the same work step.
  • Any dough welcome. Whether soft, half-cooked or sticky – the device can handle any dough consistency.
  • With much emotion. Thanks to its hydraulic TAS system, it can easily adapt to the different cooking states of the dough and process it individually and extremely gently.
  • A round thing. Thanks to the perfectly synchronized dividing disc movement with the knitting process, the round parts to be knitted always use the ideal knitting space.
  • Highly efficient. While the machine is automatically pressing, dividing and molding, you can already cover the next molding plate with dough or put away rounded pieces of dough.
  • Pleasantly easy to care for. OPTIMAT S impresses with its low maintenance requirements. The cover of the upper part can be lifted off – the rustproof light metal cutter head is thus easily accessible. The dividing blade and enclosing ring are removable, while the hydraulics are completely maintenance-free!
  • Because dough dividing and rounding machines with hydraulics simply work more reliably. Its hydraulic technology makes the fully automatic system particularly reliable – an important factor, especially when it comes to high production volumes with these machines.
  • OPTIMOBIL and impact protection. A chassis enables the dough dividing and rounding machine to be used at different work stations or to be transported to clean the shelves. In the working position, a vibration-free and operationally safe stand is guaranteed on four adjustable feet.

It couldn’t be easier – the advantages of one-handed operation:

  1. Put the molding plate with the ball of dough into the machine – this does not have to be flattened separately.
  2. Then just lift the one-handed operation briefly. That’s all you have to do for the OPTIMAT S to work precisely and safely automatically.
  3. After completion of the work process, the device opens automatically. Now you can remove the knitting plate with the optimally divided and knitted sections.