Rotec 2000

ROTEC 2000

Reliable, premium, and digitally controlled circular blade machines


The ROTEC 2000 is the perfect all-purpose slicer for bread and cakes. It can cut up to 300 slices per minute from bread ropes or loaves in a slicing channel with a net width of 210 mm. Depending on the slice thickness, that equates to around 21 loaves per minute that can be removed safely and ergonomically from the powered discharge conveyor. This level of performance, impressive in itself, can actually be doubled by using the machine in double-width mode.

The servo drive not only reduces mechanical wear but is also very easy to service. With the antibacterial Teflon non-stick circular blade coating co-developed by REGO HERLITZIUS, the ROTEC 2000 easily meets all hygiene standards.

Additional safety and efficiency is guaranteed by the integrated light barrier, which stops the machine if there are no products, thereby ensuring minimal waste and preventing overheating.

Machine type Rotec 2000 Sitec 2000 DG 45 BS 45
Mains voltage [Volt] 400/three-phase 400/three-phase 400/50 400/50
Connected load [kW] 4,6 2,5 2,5 1,1
Fusing [A] 16
Compressed air [bar] 6 6
Loaf entry width [mm] max. 210 200
Loaf entry height [mm] 160 160
Slice thickness [mm] 3-25 3,5-12
Max. number of slices [per min.] 300 270
Cyclic output [per hour] 1200 2000
Noise level [dB (A)] 64 62 65 62
Height [mm] 1522 1325 2200 1300
Width [mm] 3433 830 800 2000
Length [mm] 2840 3100 700
Depth [mm] 1122
Net weight [approx. kg] 870 320 720 250


This video gives you a quick and informative insight into the possible uses of the machine.


  • Ability to cut up to 300 slices per minute 
  • Supreme slicing quality and performance with minimum losses thanks to circular blade design
  • Continuous, time-saving, and convenient bread infeed via 210 mm-wide sprocket-fed line
  • Individually adjustable blade lubrication with spraying technology
  • Digital display of slice thickness, also adjustable during slicing
  • Easy to clean
  • Particularly quiet
  • Colour touchscreen
  • Optionally with divider forcdouble-width usage