Round and long knitting machine Eberhardt UNIVERSAL C

Why you shouldn't make any compromises when it comes to bread lines.

Our daily bread – probably no other bakery product reflects individual quality and the customer’s trust in their own company as strongly as this traditional basic product. This is where the individual quality proves itself – only with good bread can you convince and retain customers in the long term.
As a specialist in bread systems, we have created the tried-and-tested UNIVERSAL C molding system so that you can perfectly meet the high demands of your customers and offer you quality breads made from mixed wheat and rye bread dough at the highest level of craftsmanship .


Everything well arranged. The deflection of the working cone can be set in three stages – the round-moulding speed can be infinitely adjusted.

Direct removal after rounding. The pieces of dough can either be removed manually or they are automatically fed to the long moulder located below the rounder by a reliably working closing system control.


Traditional way of working. As with round knitting, the UNIVERSAL C also ideally imitates the traditional work practice for long knitting.

The Band-Wirker-Principle. A pair of pressure rollers rolls out the round pieces of dough with their solid Teflon coating. These are then hammered in and brought into the desired shape with a reversible shaping board that can be infinitely adjusted at two points.

Breads made by hand

  • Works as if it were made by hand – Leading in bread systems
    Our patented Eberhardt eccentric cone-moulding principle is unique among bread systems and ensures that the dough is worked with the desired tension right down to the core, as if by hand.
  • Consistently high quality
    Rationalization can be this economical and technically perfect .
  • State-of-the- art control comfort
    The UNIVERSAL C is computer-controlled and has a program memory. You select the setting values ​​for the individual types of bread via an intuitive, easy-to-understand touch screen.
  • No special knowledge required
    Because general knowledge of circular and long-moulding is sufficient for the correct setting of the UNIVERSAL C, it can – unlike many similar bread lines – be operated by an assistant.
  • Integrated active flour feed
    The device processes sticky dough with up to 90% rye content and a TA of approx. 170%.
  • Universal area of ​​application
    The long-moulding speed can also be infinitely adjusted, so that you have all the options when round-moulding. The length of the effective path is approx. 145 cm.

Video showing how the Universal C works