Millomat 300

The power package for gentle grinding.

Grinding output
With 300 kg grinding output per hour, the Millomat 300 achieves a daily capacity of over 7 tons of flour.

Energy consumption
he Millomat 300 requires just 16.25 kWh for efficient production of your flours and powders.

Add-on options
With us, handling of your flours and powders during post-processing is really easy: From Big Bag station to sack banks or flour carts. You can rely on our all-round service with add-on options.

Simplest handling
Thanks to its intuitive control, the Millomat can be operated immediately even without basic knowledge of milling.

Technical data:

Machine typeMillomat 80 EcolineMillomat 100Millomat 300Millomat 500
Grinder housing width:100mm100mm300mm500mm
Dimensions (WxDxH)2,0 x 1,0 x 2,0m2,0 x 1,0 x 2,1m2,3 x 1,25 x 2,55m2,2 x 1,8 x 2,55m
Power consumption:10,55kW10,80kW16,25 kW43,50kW
Required connection voltage:400V 32A400V 32A400V 32A400V 80A

Additional options

Touch Display Basic

With the touch display, the mill can be controlled simply and intuitively. The manual provided ensures that no question remains unanswered.

Touch Display Comfort Recipe

The touch display is optionally available with a recipe memory, a speed default for the mill motor and Multicutter motor, a digital operating manual, a digital wiring plan, 3D illustration of the mill, fault memory, plain text display, real-time display (such as temp. display) and multilingualism.

Magnetic separator

Safety for every food product thanks to magnetic separator: reliably binds metallic objects and metal dust after grinding.

Pneumatic auger discharge

The auger discharge helps the extraction system to continue conveying the feed material. Even products with a low sugar or salt content are ground in this way.

LED signal light

Normally, the LED signal light is mounted on the Millomat, but it can also be installed in different rooms if an extension cable is used (e.g. bakery). The signal colors indicate the current operating status of the Millomat.

Blow-through rotary valve

The blow-through rotary valve routes flour dust from the conveying air back into the system and emits it through the discharge rotary valve. The Millomat therefore achieves a 100% flour yield.

100 liter hopper

Extension of the filling volume with the 100 liter stainless steel hopper.

Cleaning rotary valve

The trend towards smaller batches is continuing. With the Treffler cleaning rotary valve, final residues of products containing residual oils, can be removed very easily. This reduces set-up times even with frequent product changes.

Speed increase to 4000 rpm

With 25% higher rotational speed, the high-performance grinding discs produce even more fine flour per hour.

Remote maintenance

Secure access to remote systems – but only when you wish. With the remote maintenance module, faults can be corrected in no time. This minimizes resource consumption and HR costs.

Air purification

Ideal additional cleaning when grinding oil-free products: Simple and fast intermediate cleaning with compressed air via the manual control valve.

Add-on options


Your add-on option for pre-crushing heavy products such as press cake boards or for bridge-forming materials.


Your add-on option for crushing herbs, roots, leaves and other bridge-forming materials.

BIG BAG output with bagging stations

Organize post-processing entirely according to your own requirements: E.g. in big bags and 25 kg sacks.

Sack rail for sacks

Direct grinding into 1, 2, 3 or 4 flour sacks via a sack bank.

BIG BAG emptying station

In the flow line, the emptying station provides the convenience of simply hanging up big bags for direct grinding.